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My name is Mike Lloyd, and I'm a Systems Programmer at heart, but these days I really do Software Architecture. Maybe it'd be good to talk about my time in tech, and I'll add some commentary as we go along. While this should go without speaking, you would be so surprised at folks these days, so I'll just say it.

I own this blog. It's on my hardware. I decide what content goes on here. Unless explicitly designated, no content on here is sponsored. As part of that, there is a clear expectation that I am not representing any employer I currently or have previously worked for. Everything on this blog is based purely on my opinion, fictional or factual (you pick). I don't speak for who I have worked or work for here. This is my tiny little corner of the Internet that I control.

Let's go about this chronologically, shall we?

The Dark Days

These were the days before I was fully employed in tech, and I did a lot of things. I was definitely a 14-year old script kiddie at one point, pizza boy, and budding C++ dev. I had a lot of odd jobs, whatever it took to pay the bills.

From the Halls of Montezuma

So the Marine Corps was fun, and I really enjoyed it, but holy hell, am I glad it's over. I signed in 2009 as an 0653, but got reclassified as an 0651 when it merged together. In the private industry, the equivalent is a Network Engineer. As part of that, I helped design and administrate massive enterprise military networking systems all over the world. I was assigned to PACOM, 3rd Marines, and HQBN G-6, but really I belonged to 3/3 H&S on paper.

Part of the downside of being a Networking Engineer meant I had a lot of downtime, so I worked with a bunch of other stuff, like Exchange, Defense Message Systems (my original job!), and other data network systems. Since it was the military, I worked extensively with PowerShell, which was my first scripting language.

To the Digital Shores of Virtualization

After leaving the military, I landed an epic job at VMware. I spent my first 6 months in tech support, where I worked on ESXi 3/4/5 and NSX-{V,MH}. After that, I upgraded (depending on perspective) to tier 4 support and integration testing of VMware vCloud Automation Center. There I worked with and on the core automation engine, Orchestrator, and how it worked with other VMware products. I also worked very closely with the Livefire team to help demonstrate advanced integrations with customers. A lot of my focus was spent teaching customers about lifecycle mangement of virtualized resources, as well as enterprise software automation. When I wasn't working with customers, I was generally fixed obscure bugs and dealt with escalations. This was where I got my first taste for containers, right around the time dotCloud became what is now Docker.

More to come as I feel like it...